Wood Pallets (a free resource) and DMX Controllers


Let’s chat about wood pallets. Reference my picture gallery (pallets) also: http://www.churchstagedesignideas.com/?s=pallets. The first thing to note is that people will give them to you just to get rid of them, especially the broken ones. Many things can be built and designed using these pallets. The most important thing is to make sure the nice scenery that you have built is STRUCTUALLY SOUND. You definitely do not want it falling on someone or during services. I use this rule of thumb, if it will hold myself up and I can’t topple it, then that mischievous child or clumsy adult (like me) won’t be able to either.

Pallets are mostly made of oak, you can go for the weathered gray look or stick with newer brown pallet, but you will need to match you colors when collecting pallets. I prefer to predrill my holes and use woodscrews. I learnt from trial and error, you don’t want to hammer a bunch of nails into rough oak. Also, it is easier to take apart when you’re moving on to something else.

If you pay close attention in my gallery we used what is known as pallet dividers or spacers, easier to work with, but you must build a secure frame to support them. We measured and cut out an equal pattern to fit around our cross. This created a cross within a cross and initially we had anticipated making an outer cross out of the outside edge of the pallets, but the size and scale would not allow.

Now let’s jump into DMX controllers. Last time we discussed DMX capable lighting. While those lights will “stand alone” it is so much easier to program them all at once from the comfort of a chair rather than climbing around each and every light. While you can spend an awful amount of money really, really quick. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ELATION-DMX-OPERATOR-AFFORDABLE-PROGRAMMABLE-CONTROLLER-20-INSTANT-OFF-BAND-DJ-/271352045493?pt=US_Live_Studio_Mixers&hash=item3f2dd79fb5 coming in under $200 is a very good 12 channel programmable board. http://www.ebay.com/itm/CHAUVET-OBEY40-OBEY-40-DMX-512-Universal-LED-Light-Controller-w-10-25-Cables-/231173484220?pt=US_Stage_Lighting_Controllers_Dimmers&hash=item35d3036ebc at even cheaper ($119), but doing the same job as a $1000 + unit. Of course you will have to purchase dmx quality cable http://www.ebay.com/itm/XSPRO-XSPDMX3P25-3-Pin-DMX-Light-Cable-25-6PAK-/200901875934?pt=US_Stage_Lighting_Cables_Interconnects&hash=item2ec6af58de and at least one end terminator. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Elation-DMX-T-PACK-DMX-Terminators-/321552906666?pt=US_Stage_Lighting_Cables_Interconnects&hash=item4ade0bf9aa.

All these Ebay sites are solely used as examples and in no way am I suggesting you use their services or buy from a specific seller. If you do choose to use an Ebay seller, please check their feedback and total number of sales before making a decision. The main idea is: YOU CAN $AVE by designing your own youth or church stage and it will be our secret.